Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Welcoming in the New Crowd

Hike and Swim

This year we introduced Freshmen trips for the first time! Some of the trips had only freshmen students and some of the trips also had returning student leaders. The first of these trips was the Freshmen Hike and Swim on September 1st. The seven freshmen on this trip got to play games, hike to a swimming hole, and go for a swim! The crew had a great time and had great conversations. 

LIFT Freshmen Welcome

The LIFT Freshmen Welcome trip was planned and executed by returning female students in our program with the purpose of allowing freshmen girls to meet new people and welcoming them to high school. The returning students planned activities that would allow for discussions about various issues girls might face as the enter into the high school world. "It was so incredibly wonderful to be able to give these freshman girls the help and support I probably would've appreciated," said senior India Byrd. "All the returning girls worked so well together, and the staff really allowed us to take the lead roles on this trip which was nice. I learned that as a student leader, it's not just our job to lead the underclassmen on trips, but also provide them support and help when they need it." The trip finished off with some ice cream from King Street Creamery. 

Alpine Tower and Holloway Climbing

Two climbing related trips also made it to the list of freshmen trips this year - Alpine Tower and Holloway Climbing. Both of these trips had student leaders on them. Student leaders spent the afternoon on Wednesday, September 16th getting trained on how to help run an Alpine Tower trip and then returned on Friday, September 18th to assist with the Freshmen Alpine Tower. "This trip was wonderful because I got to learn how to set up climbs," said junior Zach Holtkamp. "I also got to teach freshmen how to climb and belay on the Alpine Tower." Freshmen students learned how to belay and climb on the tower in addition to getting to go on our giant Swing by Choice. Climbing at Holloway on September 10th had similar outcomes. "It was awesome!" said junior Max Maling. Again, freshmen students learned how to climb and belay as well as push their limits. Max said that the best part of the trip for him was getting to teach and learn how to coil ropes. 

We hope to be able to continue providing freshmen trips in the future where students can meet others both in their incoming class and upperclassmen!

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