Tuesday, March 25, 2014

LIFT Leadership Series (Tuesdays in February)

The group at Outdoor Programs on ASU's campus
The LIFT Leadership Series was a four day long program. The first day was comprised of discussion and meet & greet. On the second day, the future female leaders went to the Turchin Center to look at leadership-reflecting artwork. On the third day, a veteran trip leader from Outdoor Programs - Katie Coley (who also happens to be one of our Mountain Alliance Board Members) - met the girls at the ASU's rec center to teach them about working in groups to make decisions and plan trips. On the last day, the staff surprised the girls with a tea party and the group worked on planning future LIFT trips.  The girls learned how to judge themselves accurately as a leader, improve leadership skills, and improve self-confidence.  Devinne Snooke said the most memorable thing was meeting the other girls and working together to plan a trip. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Hospitality House 2/10/14

The group posing for a photo before serving up food.

Serving food
Seven students went to the hospitality house on Monday, Feb 10. We helped out in anyway we could- we organized and clean the kitchen until it was time to serve the food. Only four students at a time served the food, buffet style. One of the students, Jupiter Frerer, learned the ever timeless skill of coffee making! Friends as well as strangers were served delicious belly timber (aka food). One of the amazing people served was an elderly mustachioed man who made sure to thank each and everyone of the people serving the food. A fun time was had by all!

- Post by Mandy Eagle-Farrar with help from Jupiter Frerer

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Contra Dance 2/8/14

Mary Leah, Josh, Devinne, Paul, and Mandy breaking for a photo

Lucy and Jupiter in a "left hand star" - a common contra move
Contra dancing was so much fun! Everyone learned something new. The Caller taught us the dance before we danced it so everyone knew what to do. The experienced dancers helped the inexperienced dancers when we forgot. As we danced through the night we got the opportunity to meet new people. When our feet needed a break from twirling and our stomachs needed a break from laughing we were able to sit down, drink water and socialize with friends. At the end we heard Corin’s amazing speech about the next Contra Dance raising money for Mountain Alliance and rode home singing songs all the way. 

Post by: Mandy Eagle-Farrar

Everyone dances away at the Old Cove Creek School

Winter Scavenger Hunt 2/6/14

Megan, Hattie, Elli, and Emma posing with Yosef
 "chill guy with the awesome beard"
The sixth day in February fourteen students occupied their afternoon by meeting in the Mountain Alliance room then departing to the ASU library where upon they were divided into four groups. Each group was given a list of things to find- with the extra credit option of creating a song based upon experiences experienced whilst scavenging. The very valuable skill of asking strangers to take pictures of their belongings was improved all around. One of the students, sophomore Noah Clark, said he enjoyed meeting “a very chill guy with an awesome beard who let us take a picture of his beard while his girlfriend was cracking up down the street.” 

Post by: Mandy Eagle-Farrar with help from Noah Clark

Elli and Megan with some snazzy hats
Staff member Chris excited for the trip

Max, Zach, Noah, Nigel, and Tali pose w/ an ASU statue

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Winter Hike 2/5/14

On the fifth of February, eleven adventurous students went on a winter hike. "We heroically braved the cold, trekking through muddy hills of the Fire Tower in the land of Blowing Rock. Snow fell all around us as the fog drifted in slowly. "Singer Dan" (aka staff member David Wilson) pushed against the wind. When we were cold, we kept moving. And when we needed to stop- we penguin huddled," said sophomore Emma Gummerson. All in all it was a successful and relationship-building trip.

Post by: Mandy Eagle-Farrar with help from Emma Gummerson

"Singer Dan" leading the way


Friday, March 14, 2014

LIFT Caving 2/1/14

The ladies before they went into the cave.
We went caving on this very special all girls trip! Summer Lewis (sophomore) tells us all about it: "All twelve of us had a splendid time. We went a different way than usual and it was quite adventurous! There was this one part where we had to scoot ourselves in an awkward position to just get to the end. The new route was a lot of fun to learn and while on the trip we even bumped into another group that contained a Mountain Alliance veteran!" Summer said she was very happy that she found a “new lil hole to chill in.” Summer is so cool.

Post by:  Mandy Eagle-Farrar with help from Summer Lewis 
Sisters Elli and Megan Gottfried
Taking a break for a photo op

Exploring the cave

Skiing/ Snowboarding 1/31/14

To celebrate the very last day of January in 2014, fifteen mountain allies went to Appalachian Ski Mountain! We participated in one of the grandest, greatest, and oldest winter sports of all time! Much fun was had on the slippery slopes and inside the lodge when the winter became a little too wintery and our fingers longed for warmth.  It was rumored that someone heard Summer and Brynne singing in the Snowcloud room. There seems to be quite a lot of truth to this rumor.

Post by: Mandy Eagle-Farrar with help from Brianna Seeley

Part of the group ready to hit the slopes!

On the ski lift
Christian ready to shred!