Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Contra Dance 3/22/14

The contra dance on March 22nd turned out to be lots of fun. One of us danced with this wonderfully kind elderly man who appeared to be wearing pajamas. The food was reported to be delicious and Adrian gave a delightful, short speech and there was even a “joke-off” where Rachel was able to entertain us with her trademark “What do you call a nosy pepper? Jalapeno your business” joke. Israel learned dancing with a same-sex partner can be VERY confusing and that you meet a lot of cool people contra dancing. 

This Contra Dance also served as a partial fundraiser for Mountain Alliance. Seniors Corin Brown and Adrian Sethi were very instrumental in making the fundraiser happen!

Post by: Mandy Eagle-Farrar with help from Israel Rosenfeld

LIFT Overnight Climbing 3/21-3/22

On March 21st-22nd, seven Mountain Alliance females went hiking, slept under the stars and then went climbing again. They went climbing at Little Lost Cove and had a blast. Brianna Seeley (12) and Emma Gummerson (10) were student leaders on this trip. Brianna said as a leader “it was a little chaotic getting attention and planning and following a schedule. But, as a group, the trip went wonderfully. We all worked as a team and helped encourage each other to push comfort zones.” S'mores in ice cream cones were involved and quite memorable. Most of the girls on the trip had been climbing before, so not very many learned something new, but many accomplished personal goals! It was a very successful trip. 

Post by: Mandy Eagle-Farrar with help from Brianna Seeley

Humane Society 3/20/14

On March 20th Mountain Alliance did a great job in helping the Humane Society - providing a large group of 15! Dividing into groups the students cleaned windows and kennels and enjoyed the time with cats. While being productive and helpful, they enjoyed each other’s company the whole time as students rapped “Ask Me Anything,” while cleaning mirrors. The workers at the Humane Society - passionate people who truly care about animals - I am sure were very grateful for such a large group of enthusiastic kids!

Day Hike 3/16/14

A group of seven students enjoyed the falling of snow on March 16th as they took a day hike up to Three Top. The course was a challenging uphill climb, but it was worth the effort and a lot of fun. They reached their goal of reaching the top and, along the way, staff member James Lautzenheiser taught the group about special rocks that made up Three Top and staff member Flare Ammerman taught them about Norse Myths. Students enjoyed each others’ company and got to know one another better. Jupiter, one of the students, felt this was a great benefit of the trip. 

Hospitality House 3/10/14

On March 10th, three students got closer to the community by volunteering at the Hospitality House. This was our second unofficial "RAD" (Radically Awesome Dudes) trip of the school year. They felt it was a great experience as it allowed them to interact with the community as some of the people present even began to talk about their hobbies. Skills on how to speed wash were also obtained. What was best about the whole experience was how the students felt accomplished by being able to serve. 

Caving 3/1 and 3/2

Caving is always an adventure - exploring underground worlds, exercising rarely used senses and being introduced to new experiences. 10 students ventured underground on March 1st and a rather un-cumbersome group of five went on a caving trip on the 2nd. On the March 2nd trip, Noah and his fellow experienced cavers got to lead the staff through the cave and explore new areas they had never been. The students got to learn how to climb slick surfaces while holding a rope and NOT falling. Apparently it’s harder than it sounds. The students were also taught how to navigate a cave. Also harder than it sounds. Surprisingly, the adventures didn’t encounter any cave men. Some were saddened about this. All in all, they were two successful and exciting trips! :)

"RAD" Skiing/ Snowboarding 2/28/14

Eleven of the Radically Awesome Dudes, or RAD, went skiing/snowboarding on the 28th of February. When asked how the trip went many simply said “awesome.” When AJ was questioned on the activities he said, and I exactly quote, “Dude….it was like….wow much cool….much snow...and...it...well...imagine a giant bachelor's pad except..way colder...ya..” Apparently the “hilarity” was memorable as was the, quote, “wonderfully stupid.” All of these have been direct quotes with complete permission given by the speakers. No RAD was harmed in the making of these memories.

Zumba 2/24/14

Zumba has for many years been the decidedly best form of exercise. Hard work? Yes. Buckets of fun? Totally! Nine students went of the Trip of Zumba on February 24th. Eric attended in a groovy 80’s workout outfit and this was the most memorable part of the trip for many allied mountaineers. We danced to music more radical, fresh and hip than Eric’s wardrobe. Sorry Eric. Everyone was completely willing to dance, even if it ran the risk of looking like a fool. The laughter never stopped and all learned at least one new dance move.

LIFT Discovery Course 2/23/14

On the 23rd of February six girls traveled to Blowing Rock to participate in the Discovery Course, hosted by Blue Ridge Learning Center. The six musketeers worked together to climb the high ropes course. They learned the importance of communicating and trusting one another and were brought closer together because of the experience. Most of the six thought ziplining off the tower was the most memorable part of the trip. The girls felt very accomplished about completing the Discovery Course.

LIFT Hospitality House 2/21/14

The age-old phrase “the more the merrier” is not always true when four high school girls go on a trip together to the Hospitality House. As Mrs. Banks once said in Mary Poppins, "We’ve all agreed that we adore men individually but we agree that as a group they’re rather stupid and sometimes girls just need girl time."

The girls got to give back to the community and help in a way many high schoolers are never able to. Mary Leah’s favorite part was singing and playing games with the girls. The fun and laughter was contagious and made many other people’s day just a little bit better.

Bigger or Better 2/20/14

On the twentieth of February it was cold and windy. But despite Boone's temperamental weather, 16 students braved the cold to go on a Bigger or Better hunt. Each person started with a sticker and tried to trade up for something bigger or better. Everybody had a splendid time and were good sports about the dreary atmosphere of Boone. Noah Clark said “I found it tons of fun trying to ask complete strangers for random things for a sticker.” We learned how to talk to interact with strangers and meet new people. With six dollars someone bought a small pack of M&M’s and six records AND we met the owners of a thrift shop. A very successful trip.

Post by: Mandy Eagle-Farrar with help from Noah Clark