Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hospitality House 9/9/13

We brought 9 girls and 6 boys on this hospitality house trip, completing a total of 30 hours of service. The students worked really hard in the kitchen and in the garden and everyone had a great attitude. When asked about the trip, Grace Owen said, "My experience at the Hospitality House made me realize how appreciative people are of help. I love feeling that I have helped improve the lives of others."

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Grayson Highlands, Sept 6-8

The group stops for a photo op near the end of their trip

Wild ponies, beautiful mountain views, open night skies, and lots of cool people to share them aren’t often combined into an amazing opportunity, but they were on the Grayson Highlands trip with Mountain Alliance. We hiked all day and had a rap-off at night, all while enjoying the amazing scenery of the Grayson Highlands. I learned more about navigating trails, got to pet a fuzzy baby wild pony, ate some delicious meals after long hikes, and to top it all off, got to lie under the stars while listening to the amazing rap-off that the guys, girls, and leaders. I loved this trip!

- Lucy Edy 

Lucy Edy discovers a pony off in the distance near the beginning of the group's travels

Instructor Smitty Smith instructs Emma Gummerson and the rest of the group on navigation with map and compass

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Alpine Tower 9/26/13

Megan Lewis says that her trip was amazing! Megan and all other students had a wonderful and very adventurous trip. Megan says, "The trip to the Alpine tower trip was awesome. I met my goal of going halfway up! I received much encouragement from the Mountain Alliance members and staff. One thing I love about the Alpine tower is that it is challenging and requires some thought in how you advance each time up the tower."