Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Rally for the Valley

Rally for the Valley was a brand new opportunity for Mountain Alliance this semester. Eight students traveled to Hidden Valley near Abingdon, VA to help out with the Rally for the Valley event that was celebrating the re-opening of the Hidden Valley climbing area as well as raising money to support the area as well as the "Live Your Dream" grant. In addition to selling breakfast to climbers, students also got to climb in the newly reopened area. "We helped serve climbers breakfast burritos and climbed the beautiful cliffs," says senior Emma Gummerson. "We met a great deal of climbers from North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. We also met a guy who trains people in First Aid that applies to climbing. He offered to come an teach us some other time!" Emma said that the most memorable part of the trip for her was having the opportunity to talk with the professional climbers while the group was serving burritos for breakfast. "In exchange for hilarious jokes, climbers could win some of the left over burritos!"

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