Monday, October 5, 2015

Making the River Squeaky Clean

River Clean Up 9/1/15, 9/2/15, 9/17/15

These trips were awesome excursions through the various sections of the New River. Lots of trash and even siding from a house, a gutter, and bricks were collected from the river. Even though it rained on the first trip that did not stop Max Maling from dancing in the river. He even joked that his favorite lesson he learned that day was that "waterlogged trash bags are very heavy."

BIG SWEEP 9/12/15

10 amazing students spent all day Saturday making the New River clean. This annual event, with the New River Conservancy, is one that is looked forward to by all of our students. Something that was super amazing about this year was that there was less trash that has been in the past. Although one group did pulled out an old row boat! We can't wait for this event next year.

Through these efforts and the efforts of other groups, Mountain Alliance was a part of a greater initiative that helped pull over 7,000 pounds of trash out of Watauga County Rivers!

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